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theSkimm Launches "Skimm Well" Cross-Platform Experience Empowering Users To Take Control of Their Health and Wellness

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September 16, 2020

September 16, 2020 (New York, NY) – theSkimm announced today the launch of Skimm Well, a new content vertical focused on empowering millennial women to navigate and prioritize their physical and mental health. Through a cross-platform approach and a combination of information, community, and partners, Skimm Well provides a new perspective on health and wellness, allowing users to take control and find peace of mind at a moment when millennial women are facing unprecedented stressors.

For years, Skimm'rs have turned to theSkimm to help them take action on big life moments. With all of the uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 crisis, the need for clear and actionable wellness content from a trusted source has never been more critical.

“The world as we know it has turned upside down, putting unprecedented stressors on millennial women,” said Lori Leibovich, SVP of Content at theSkimm. “We can help them take action, by empowering them to ask the right questions, carve out time for themselves, and plan for the future.”

Driven by audience insights, Skimm Well helps Skimm’rs navigate and advocate for their health by breaking down complex topics and recommending products that fit seamlessly into their daily routine. 83% of Skimm’rs are reporting stress and anxiety as the top factors affecting their health, and nearly 8 in 10 Skimm’rs are seeking health and wellness content, more than any other topic area.

Beyond helping Skimmr’s take control of their mental and physical wellness, Skimm Well offers personalized, actionable steps to help millennial women navigate areas including family planning and infertility and health insurance. Only 25% of Skimm’rs admitted to knowing something about egg freezing, less than half said they understood parental leave rights, and only 32% feel confident navigating the U.S healthcare landscape.

Skimm Well content will delve into topics important to millennial women, and will be featured across platforms, including, a weekly “Skimm Well Wednesdays” section in the Daily Skimm newsletter, and social channels. Web guides with actionable advice about establishing healthy sleep habits, scheduling routine health screenings, and working through stress and anxiety will kick off at launch. theSkimm's “Asking for a Friend” video series will share personal health stories, from one woman's journey to freeze her eggs to another woman's decision to get a double mastectomy after learning that she carries the BRCA gene.

To celebrate the launch of Skimm Well, Skimm’rs will be invited to recognize the small steps they’re taking to care for themselves and others during this unprecedented time. The Skimm Well platform will allow Skimm’rs to submit anonymous notes and celebrate their daily victories—from balancing a full time job while overseeing remote learning to consistency with a daily meditation practice. Submissions will be featured across theSkimm’s platforms and several winners will be randomly selected to receive a curated self-care bundle.

Global wellness company WW (formerly Weight Watchers), which aims to inspire healthy habits for real life, has signed on as the launch sponsor for Skimm Well. This platform, which consists of an engaged audience of millenial women, gives WW the opportunity to continue to democratize wellness and provide accurate, science-based and actionable content to Skimm'rs. The partnership includes custom content integrations and will live across theSkimm’s digital channels.  

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